Typical Sardinian cheeses


Enogastronomic routes


Formaggi Sardi Olbia


Known all over the world for remarkable delicacy, typical Sardinian cheeses have a characteristic flavor precisely for the quality and genuineness of the raw material, milk. The goodness and quality of these products is linked to the kind of healthy and natural pasture in which many sheep live.
Dolci sardi olbia


The Sardinian culinary culture is a secular tradition that the Sardinians still tend to hand down from generation to generation. The singularity of their tradition is that few ingredients succeed in creating a surprising variety of sweets, one better than the other.
Vini olbia


Sardinia is also present in the world with its remarkable variety of wines. Dessert, table, white and red wines D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. which enhance the flavors of Sardinian land. The favorable climate means that in every corner there are vineyards, among the most valuable: Nuragus, Vermentino, Cannonau.

Insaccati olbia

Cured meats

Land full of flavors, Disigios makes you experience a special taste experience through enogastronomic routes with chopping board full of savory cured meat and typical Sardinian cheeses cut on the moment. We deliver from local producers to offer and make quality known! All accompanied by a good wine or a tasty handmade beer.

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