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Our history


“Sa domo est pitticca su coru est mannu” as this ancient Sardinian proverb says, the house is little, the hearth is big here is the lack of hospitality! Disigios in Olbia is a small shop situated in a historic street in the center, right in front of the marina (being a pedestrian area is easily accessible on foot). Mrs. Grazia together with her son Andrea are the owners of this beautiful reality that proposes the true and authentic flavors of Sardinian land, they carefully choose products preferring local producers. From Disigios you can experience a special taste experience through the food and wine routes recommended by Mrs. Grazia: you can taste a chopping board of meats and cheeses cut at the moment, accompanied by a good wine or a tasty craft beer.

Tradition, passion for this work, the desire to make known the quality and genuineness of our products has allowed us to become a meeting point for the inhabitants of the area who choose to make an aperitif from us by being carried by goodness and the lady's stories about the origin of each single product. Cozy locality characterized by the typical colors of Sardinia and represented by the symbol "Pavoncella Sarda" delicate ornamentation that embellishes Sardinian crafts. Great success also with the tourists who rely on our tips and then bring a stock to take home! Now you can buy our products online too, consult the dedicated Shop page. We are waiting for you for an aperitif!

Disigios ad Olbia

Pane e casu, binu a rasu

Sardinia has a gastronomic history made of simple combinations and tastes decidedly. Defined as "Poor" cuisine because everything is prepared starting from the raw materials of the island, genuine products linked to agricultural activity that have allowed to give rise to a variety of typical products: breads, cheeses, sausages, desserts and wines. How about not talking about Sardinian sweets? This land has a secularly famous confectionery culture, so that the sards themselves keep us handing down this wealth by preserving it. The peculiarity is that even with very few ingredients it was possible, and still with great mastery, to produce a surprising variety of sweets: Pardulas, Amarettus, Seadas, Bianchini and so on.

In the heart of Sardinia there is Disigios, a typical Sardinian shop that offers real food and wine routes to discover the flavors of Sardinian land. Sardinian gastronomic specialties are the cheeses, derived from ancient and traditional pastoral activities, so as to offer the largest production of European cheeses. Cagliu, Casu Friscu, Pecorino Sardo DOP, are just some of the typical Sardinian cheeses. As for the vineyards, in Sardinia are in every corner, the favorable climate allows a high quality wine production. It boasts prestigious denominations like “ Cannonau di Sardegna DOC”, “I.G.T. Nuraghi Island and “I.G.T. Ogliastra”.
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